2) Site Maps

Site maps are at the heart of Search Engine Friendly Design. They make it very quick and easy for the search engines to find and index every page on your web site by putting links to every page in one spot.

Site maps also allow you to help the search engines to clearly understand what your web site is about and presents some unique opportunities in optimization. “Keyword density” is a term often used to describe the number of times a particular search phrase appears within your site. Site maps should make maximum use of your most relevant and important keywords. It should contribute to your keyword density within the link text on the page.

All links should be plain text and point to every page within your site with descriptive words that make it easy for both visitors and search engine spiders to understand what they will find on each page linked to from your site map page. Site maps are essential as an optimization technique and should always be linked to from your index page or home page.

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