8 ) External backlinks (inbound links for Google Page Rank)

External backlinks are the most focused-on off web page aspect of SEO. Backlinks (or “inbound links”) are a fundamental pillar of search engine optimization. On-page optimization is limited in scope — there is only so much you can do with on-page optimization. The rest of your rankings will rely heavily on your off web page backlinks and how many pages and the quality of those pages that are linking into your web page(s).

Webmasters tend to keep track of Page Rank, which helps in measuring the effectiveness of backlinks to their website or blog. The biggest question is how many backlinks do you need to move your page rank up. It’s not only the amount of backlinks, but the quality of those backlinks as well

Although nobody can determine the exact Google PageRank values, the table below gives a fair representation of how many backlinks, of certain PageRank values are required to achieve a certain Google PageRank.

I know a lot of people don’t know what it takes to increase their Page Ranking using backlinks. Here’s a good graph to help explain to you how many backlinks are needed for that highly sought after page rank increase.

Backlink Value Chart

Chart supplied by freeaffiliatemarketingtipsandtools.com

Some of the many determining sources for page rank are listed below.

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As of august 1st 2011 my research indicates that the below listed search and search monitoring sources help determine page rank and search results.


google pages
yahoo pages
bing pages


google backlinks
yahoo backlinks
bing backlinks
alexa backlinks
google pagerank


dmoz listings
yahoo listings



As of august 1st 2011 my research indicates that the below listed media forums and social networks are considered for website page ranking.


youtube videos
flickr pictures
dailymotion videos


twitter followers
facebook likes
myspace results
bebo results


delicious bookmarks
bibsonomy bookmarks
folkd bookmarks


google stories
yahoo stories
digg submissions
reddit submissions
topix stories
topsy mentions


yahoo questions
google groups
wikipedia articles
livejournal entries

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