Business SEO Website Building Checklist

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Self help SEO website by

1) Layout, design and build a SEO friendly optimized web site.

SEO How to Build WebSite Help (Text and Videos)

The above web page link will cover these section 1 topics;

SEO Domain Name Choice

SEO Web Host Selection

SEO Website Building Template Theme Purchase/Installation
-SEO WebSite Structure
-SEO Internal Navigation Links

SEO Web Page Content and Descriptive Headline Titles

SEO Web Page Title Meta Tag Description
-SEO Keywords

SEO Web Page Description Meta Tag Content

SEO Alt Tags for Images, Pictures and Logos

Color Psychology in Online Marketing SEO

StudioPress by WordPress Installation Help (Text and Videos)

The above web page link will cover these StudioPress by WordPress install topics;

How to install the WordPress onto your web host account

How to to install the Genesis framework onto your website

How to install your StudioPress theme onto your website

How to install Studio Press basic plugins

2) Site Map

3) Landing Pages for speciality specific products and geographical locations

4) Google Local Places

5) Local and national directories

6) Google Adwords

7) YouTube videos

8 ) External backlinks (inbound links for Google PageRank)

9) Your own Blog

10) Blogging on blogs

11) SMO Social Media, Networking, Bookmarking, Media,
News and others Optimization (Text and Videos)





Google +

12) Affiliate Marketing

13) HTML, XHTML Markup Validation Service code compliant web pages

W3C code compliance for SEO website marketing

Above web page link will cover these section 13 topics;

Markup Validation Service

What is W3C ?

How does a W3C compliant web page code effect the the marketing and promotion of my website in search engines ?

14) Email Marketing SEO

15) SEO Custom Not-found/404 Page

16) Ads and Pop-ups

17) Pictures, Images and Logos for SEO

What is SEO

SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of making websites perform and rank better in the search engines. There is no magic or silver bullet to it. It’s all about understanding how search engines read web pages and what factors they take into consideration when deciding how to rank a web page on your website.

Educational Information and Webmaster Tools about Website, Internet SEO Marketing CheckList for Small Business Promotion and Studio Press


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SEO Tips for WebMasters - Pros Corner

ProNetUSA.ORG Help Blogs
Use the below W3C Validator to validate your HTML and XHTML web pages.

Valid XHTML Code Validator Validation Service

HTTP Error Status Codes Explained

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