Yahoo Site Explorer Coming Offline

The below information as received from Majestic SEO.

Yahoo Site Explorer was launched in September 2005 to mixed acclaim but became the main source of link analysis data in the world for several years. It is now being retired as we speak and its architect, Tim Mayer laments its demise.

Majestic SEO does not – and never has – used Yahoo’s data. Whilst we expect an increase in the Free services that Majestic offers as a result of this closure, we have already planned for this eventuality within our infrastructure and see no issues in handling the increased traffic to our site.

Majestic crawls the web independently of any search engines and we surpassed Yahoo’s data set many years ago.

We would like to say thank you to Yahoo for Yahoo Site Explorer’s contribution to Internet Marketers everywhere.

I hope the above information has been of help to you.

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