Duplicate Content and Search Engines

The below information as received in part from SEOmoz and written by Dr. Peter J. Meyers

Duplicate content exists when any two (or more) pages share the same content.

Duplicate content as an SEO issue was around long before the Panda update, and has taken many forms as the algorithm has changed.

Since Panda (starting in February 2011), the impact of duplicate content has become much more severe in some cases. It used to be that duplicate content could only harm that content itself. If you had a duplicate, it might go supplemental or get filtered out. Usually, that was ok. In extreme cases, a large number of duplicates could bloat your index or cause crawl problems and start impacting other pages.

Panda made duplicate content part of a broader quality equation – now, a duplicate content problem can impact your entire site. If you’re hit by Panda, non-duplicate pages may lose ranking power, stop ranking altogether, or even fall out of the index. Duplicate content is no longer an isolated problem.

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