Are Social Media Signals the Answer for Quality Backlinks?

Google has needed a way to provide people with the ability to improve the quality of a link, to verify that links are trust-worthy and has created Google+. I believe that verifying the author of a link is a fantastic way to achieve this.

There’s been a lot of debate in the SEO community lately regarding social media versus traditional link building methods. While some SEOs argue that social media links are the wave of the SEO future, traditionalists staunchly maintain traditional, authoritative links from quality sources are still the best way to go.

Whatever your stance, I think it’s easy to agree that gaining links from trusted authorities is desirable for any site — but that doesn’t mean the rise of social shouldn’t affect our outreach methods.

We’ll start with the obvious: social sites allow you to network and build relationships with industry players and authorities. Someone who’s gotten to know you over social media is going to be more receptive to a link request than someone receiving a random email from an outside party.

Further, social media offers a quick way to see that you’re a legitimate source with an active interest in the field — you’re not just out to spam any email address or Twitter account you can get your hands on.

However, social media also offers an ideal way to find and target industry users for specific link building outreach campaigns, too. Of course, before you can start targeting, you’ve got to identify who you’re trying to reach.

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