3) How to install your StudioPress theme onto your website

STEP THREE = 1 hour maxium
Now you need to load your StudioPress Theme.

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StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes

Please DO NOT INSTALL your Studio Press theme unless you have performed STEP ONE (How to install the WordPress onto your web host account) and STEP TWO (How to to install the Genesis framework onto your website). The StudioPress themes need WordPress and Genesis to function. CLICK HERE to go to “StudioPress by WordPress Installation Help” main web page and then select the previous step that you may be missing ( STEP ONE and/or STEP TWO).

You will need to log into your WordPress website and go to the “Dashboard” web page.”

When the WordPress Dashboard opens look on the left hand side for the “Appearance” tab. Click on the “Appearance” tab and the drop down menu should appear.
Click on the “Themes” button.
When the “Manage Theme” page appears click on “Install Themes”
When the “Install Theme” page opens click on the “Upload” link.
When the “Install a theme in .zip format” appears click on the “Browse” button.

If you followed this website’s directions you should have the “StudioPress” theme on your desktop.
Find the “StudioPress” theme file and click on it so it loads onto your website.
After the StudioPress theme file loads activate it by pressing the activate button.

Now your basic theme shuld be loaded onto your website.

To view theme and check your work type into your internet browser your website name with the ” /wordpress ” on the end and press enter.
Your StudioPress web page theme should come up.

STEP FOUR = 2 hour maxium
Now you will need to load some basic StudioPress Plugins.

How to install Studio Press basic plugins